Local Learning Opportunities

The WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) runs courses of adults all over the country. These courses are often set up with the help of locally based volunteers who get together to discuss the kinds of courses that they think will go down well in their community. These groups are called Branches and anyone with an interest in lifelong learning is welcome to get involved and join their local branch. You can find a list of all the WEA Branches in the East Midlands by clicking here.

But what if there isn’t a WEA Branch near you? Well, if you have a community spirit and an enquiring mind and you like the idea of having your say about the development of a small programme of courses for adults being delivered in your area, perhaps a new WEA Branch could be the answer? If you would be interested in attending occasional meetings to help plan local learning opportunities and think that a few other local people might feel the same way, let us know.

Working in partnership with a designated course organiser from the WEA, with access to a large panel of tutors offering all sorts of subjects, you could be part of a small group of local residents who not only share our passion for adult learning but also help us to bring this passion to wherever it is that you live.

If you would like to have an informal chat about the possibilities and opportunities the WEA can offer, please call Lindsey Tasker on 07919 528 109 or send an email to ltasker@wea.org.uk

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